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The Budwig Diet for Fighting Cancer

The Budwig diet was developed by Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist in 1951. Budwig held a great knowledge on the topic of oils and fats. The diet garnered a lot of attention for its cancer fighting abilities. Dr. Budwig is known best for her research on the combined use of flaxseed oil with proteins. Her […]

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Future Treatments for Breast Cancer

Standard treatment for breast cancer has greatly improved survival for women, but the fact remains that 40% of women still ultimately die from the disease. This fact highlights theneed for new and better therapies. Traditional anticancer therapies mostly consist of drugs and ionizing radiation that damage DNA and DNA machinery. Such treatments preferentially kill certain […]

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Awareness and Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer prevention is not as difficult as many may believe. A large percentage of cancer-related deaths may be – are directly linked to lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and a lack of exercise. But the majority of the reason is, due to an unhealthy diet. The research shows that only 5-10% of all cancer […]

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YOGA Applications in Cancer Treatment

A cure for cancer exists through the use of yoga, a San Antonio, Texas, cancer specialist said during a seminar in Oklahoma City in the 1980s. But physicians refused to acknowledge the cure, said Col. Hansa Raval, M.D., a pathologist with the United States Army. Dr. Raval said her work in cytotechnology _ a diagnostic […]

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Chemotherapy Disadvantages

The tendency of human cells is to develop, and the increase in the number of cells must take place continuously. This process inspires in the cells production and inactive cells are thus replaced. A particular process controls the human cells production and the cells are equally processed throughout the body. In few cases, the cell […]

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Kidney Cancer – Is It Common?

The duties of the kidneys could basically be summed up as homeostasis. Of course, all organs (and arguably everything intended to be in the body) has this as its goal. The kidneys are focused on maintaining the balance between various hormones and glucose, water, and amino acid chains in the body. They also control excretion […]

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Personalized Key Chains For Breast Cancer Awareness

Being diagnosed with a severe illness is one of the worst news that you could have hear. The torture of this illness lingers for a long time until you reach the point of either your survival or your end. The mass media has supplied us a peep of how a cancer patient specifically of breast […]

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Cancer Free Diet

Cancer is one of the most devastating and prominent diseases in the world. It is the cause of countless illness and deaths. The treatments for cancer are harsh. Chemotherapy and radiation are difficult procedures that wreck havoc on the body. Surgery is used to remove cancerous growths. This is also a severely invasive and traumatic […]

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Information About Bone Cancer

Bone cancer, it is a malignant tumor that affects the skeletal system of the body. Some cases of bone cancer are mostly caused by malignant tumors that are directly caused in the bones. These tumors are malignant primary. In contrast, malignant tumors metastasized elsewhere occur in the body, and then penetrate into the bones, usually […]

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Ayurveda Treatment After Chemotherapy

Even if, many of the effects of chemotherapy are short-term, hormonal imbalances, temporary problems with memory, fatigue and impaired immunity and concentration persists for years. To date, not several researchers have looked at the effectiveness of treatments for reversing these long-term side effects. But, it makes sense, if approaches, which support detoxification, lessen stress and […]

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