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Lung Cancer Symptoms

The Lung Cancer often gets undetected for a long time before the patient starts to feel any symptoms in about one out of four cases. However the accidental discovery during other routine tests is often the way for finding it out many a time such as the chest X-rays. These symptoms start to be visible […]

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Mistletoe for Cancer Treatment

As our understanding of cancer progresses, we’ve also become more progressive in our thinking. While many areas of medicine are embracing alternative medicine, cancer treatment has, in some cases, been slow to research and validate effective alternative therapies. Mistletoe is among the natural remedies being used for cancer treatment. While it may come as a […]

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Cyberknife Treatment for Breast Tumors

Cyberknife Treatment for breast tumors is fast becoming to be the treatment of choice of most breast cancer patients because of its state-of-the-art technology. More and more women are discovering the benefits of this modern treatment. This read will give you a crash course on breast tumors as well as more information on this current […]

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Natural Cures For Cancer

Cancer is now taking 1 out of every 3 people in the United States every year and is growing worse. The sad thing is conventional treatments ultimately fail and by the time you want to try something else, it’s too late. The reason why these treatments fail is they try to weaken the disease and […]

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Cyberknife Treatment for Meningioma

There are many kinds of tumors and you would not want to have any of them. However, it would be better if you are knowledgeable about them. One of the most common tumors is the meningioma. It is one of the most common tumors in the area of the central nervous system. The tumor usually […]

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Cancer Agencies Ignore Offers of Help to Cancer Patients

Cancer Agencies ignore offers of help to Cancer Patients! At least, that has been my experience…So far. My sister, Marie, was my only sibling, when she was diagnosed with cancer; she kept a brave face and soldiered on, as they say. When the initial cancer was killed by Chemo, we thought that she had it […]

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Cancer Apparition – Some Of The Reasons That People Mistakenly Believe

There is an idea that vegetarian peoples get less cancer diseases, and meat, is one of the first reasons of malignant inflammations. But, if this idea was true, then the majority of peoples who eats meat would be already dead because of this illness. In fact, if we treat this issue logically, we would observe […]

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How To Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally

Your chances of surviving malignant breast cancer are pretty much the same now as they were some 50yrs ago, when the only treatment was mastectomy. This article on how to prevent breast cancer, examines how you can take action now to make sure you never get this often fatal condition. How to Prevent Breast Cancer […]

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Healthy Eating Tips for the Cancer Patient

I have been a cancer nurse for over 12 years now. Nutrition for cancer patients has been of interest to me for several years. Many booklets address this situation. Treatment can cause painful mouth sores, nausea, and vomiting. All which interfere with the ability to eat. Certain food smells can also prevent a cancer patient […]

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Cancer In Children

Cancer is also prevalent in children and teens that caused too much heartache to parents and family members. If a member of a family has cancer, others must respond in different ways on how to react on the current situation. Usually, emotions such as anxiety, disbelief, anger and sadness stricken them for as long as […]

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