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Top 10 Cancer News of 2010

10. Jane Fonda Was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Actress Jane Fonda discovered she had a small tumor in her breast during a routine checkup. She underwent a procedure to remove the cancer. The cancer turned out to be non-invasive and she is currently cancer free. 9. Stem Cell for Brain Cancer Jenn Vonckx became the […]

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Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

Endocrine cancer comes in many forms and Thyroid cancer is probably the most popular of them. When the cancer cells grow at an uncontrollable rate, they cause thyroid cancer. These may begin at the thyroid gland themselves or from other tumor parts that eventually turned into a malignant tumor. As is the case with most […]

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5 Steps To Prevent Cancer

One of the scariest epidemics inflicting people around the world today is cancer. It is getting more and more common and scientists predict that it is going to get worse. The British Medical Journal reports that the prevalence of cancer is increasing at an astonishing rate, especially among developed nations like the United States and […]

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Cancer Causes and the Impact of Emotion

I listened in on a very interesting call this weekend. Dr Patrick Kingsley (now retired) who was one of the most effective cancer doctors around gave an interview about his approaches to cancer and how he treated more than 3,000 end-stage cancer patients in his 30 years of practice. Dr Kingsley didn’t use the traditional […]

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Types of Cancer Treatment

There are many different treatments for cancer. Knowledge about different options and commonly used treatments helps in better management of the procedure that could be recommended by physicians to you or your family. While some treatments are quite specific to one type of cancer, there are a few, particularly surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which […]

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Cervical Cancer

As you may be aware, the links between HPV and cervical cancer were actually hypothesized decades ago. At that time, women had very few choices with this virus when it came to avoiding infection. Fortunately, modern women can easily take advantage of immunizations, as well as early detection methods for cervical cancer. This is especially […]

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How Effectively Combination Chemotherapy Works

Chemotherapy is a very useful and effective measure which will help you to treat cancer. This treatment works well when it is used with the combination of various chemotherapy drugs. This drug helps to kill the cancer cells and also helps to stop reproduction. The best approach utilized for treating cancer is the usage of […]

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Is Your Cancer Treatment Really a Cure?

My research on natural cancer cures has discovered that there are many claims being made about different substances, including drugs, herbs, supplements, and/or treatments, and various therapies, actually “curing” cancer, when in reality, they are ONLY treating one or more of the many SYMPTOMS of cancer, much like what the Medical Industry is well-noted for […]

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The Common Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer of the pancreas should not be taken into a joke because this type of cancer is dangerous, and is hard to diagnose until it has reached its more advanced stages. Now if you know what your looking for then it can definitely help in early detection. Basically the symptoms of pancreatic cancer are health […]

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How to Triumph Over Cancer

For a person who is struggling with cancer and is hoping a solution can be found that will offer them a future, there is an answer to their problem. In the past there have been treatments with gene therapy which is injecting a virus directly into the tumour site. Also experiments with drugs based on […]

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