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Cancer Screening in the USA

One out of four deaths in the US is due to cancer. In 2010, approximately 569,490 Americans die of cancer. The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for female breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer. A surveillance study conducted by the US Division of Cancer Prevention and Control was published in November […]

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How Radiations From the Sun Endangers Human Life

When we talk about cancers, we can find an inflated rate of patients coming from the kidney cancer and Sarcoma hospital. Today cancers have become widespread and one of the major reasons is the environmental pollution. Today, what we eat and what we inhale is sometimes too poisonous to cause life-threatening diseases. There are many […]

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Too Much Cheese Can Raise Your Bladder Cancer Risk

Cheese is one solid milk-based product, which is loved by all age group people. People eat cheese all over the world. Prepared from sheep milk, goat milk, cow milk or mammal milk, cheese is used as a topping on many recipes. Health conscious people avoid eating cheese as it contains lots of fats. Cheese consumption […]

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Signs of Gallbladder Cancer

Generally indications of gallbladder cancer tumor usually are registered during the last degree of the tumors and those that are familiar with gallbladder infection are likewise conscious of this. That is the reason why those that have gallbladder difficulties must check out their own problem on a regular basis. Gallbladder cancer symptoms consist of some […]

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Cancer Prevention Diet

It is often said that what we eat is what we are. Does this mean that an unhealthy diet can lead to cancer? Is it also true that a cancer prevention diet can lower your risks of getting the disease? These are important questions to ask since research shows that there might be a direct […]

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Frequency Enhanced Medicine

How Energetic Frequencies Within The Body Determine The State Of Our Health The human body, when viewed from the quantum science perspective, is an extremely complex network made up of cells, organs & many smaller systems within. We are ultimately energy, each & every cell with it’s own little ‘system’ & atom vibrating at a […]

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Mesothelioma A Gold Mine For Asbestos Lawyers

It is said that a lawyer will go through any lengths to win a case; well here is something that will prove it right. Suing someone for negligence is growing popularity all over the world and today you will find many law firms striking it rich and at times they even make a killing of […]

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Mesothelioma Attorney To Your Rescue

Diseases are popping up from everywhere; you will find that even though you seem fit as a fiddle there is a growing disease creeping into parts of your body. The most dreadful fear that cracks everyone is the hectic treatment and the over loading financial aspect that would be involved in the cure. The beauty […]

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Good Old Aspirin May Protect Against Bowel Cancer

One of the oldest drugs, aspirin is much more to us today than just a medication for pain and fever. Despite being so old, the multiple benefits of this wonder drug are still being revealed. It has already been known that aspirin reduces the risk of bowel cancer but the possible dose for the purpose […]

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Pollution – Does It Cause Cancer?

Roughly 40% of the deaths that occur worldwide are caused by pollutants in our food, our water and even in the air that we breathe each day. The rise in pollution is causing serious health problems among the inhabitants of our world; it is becoming such a problem that we are facing a very serious […]

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