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Can Vitamin E Tocotrienols Fight Cancer?

Each year hundreds of thousands of people find themselves victim to some form of cancer. Caused by either environmental toxins or genetic disorders, the occurrence of cancer has risen in recent years. A report created by the National Institute of Health estimated the overall cost of cancer to be $263.8 billion in medical costs. This […]

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Lung Cancer Treatments

Lung cancer is a chronic disease. Lung cancer occurs because of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in our body. In United States, this cancer is held responsible for the number of deaths. Both men and women get affected by this chronic disease and the percentage is increasing day by day. Smoking is the main cause […]

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World Cancer Report

Released by IARC (International agency for research on cancer), a part of World health organization (WHO), World cancer report is a concise informative manual that have a clear description about global cancer statistics, causes, main types, early diagnosis and effective treatment. The director-general of WHO, Dr. Gro Brundtland states ‘The report provides a basis for […]

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The Role of Pathology in Cancer Detection

The field of pathology in Ashland is vital in the diagnoses and treatment of cancer. Pathologists are doctors who examine tissue biopsies to determine if the patient has benign or cancerous tissue. Pathologists also use their skills to interpret lab tests, helping to prevent or monitor illnesses. Pathologists are the specialists who diagnosis and determine […]

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HIV Associated Cancers

There is a mixed bag of news when it comes to HIV associated cancers. While the instances of AIDS-defining cancers, or the cancers typically associated with AIDS progression: Kaposi sarcoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and invasive cervical cancer, have decreased, instances of other types of cancers in HIV infected patients has increased, resulting in a virtual offset. […]

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Boosting Your Immunity After Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer treatment can have a negative impact on your immune system and this is why you need to find ways to enhance it. This will help you fight the disease and restore your health. There are various practical steps that you can take including using Beta Glucan to enhance your health. The medication that is […]

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How to Deal With Breast Cancer

Cancer is a life threatening disease caused by rapidly growing atypical cells. In turn, these cells can destroy normal neighboring cells and tissues. What makes cancer so deadly is when it metastasizes or spreads to vital organs like the liver, bones, or lungs. The fast growing cells would grow from there and can eventually compromise […]

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Health Benefits Of Reishi For Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the western world. It tends to rob the lives not only of the elderly, but the young people as well. Chemotherapy and radiation are common treatments, however, the side effects can be devastating for the individual and therefore, many are turning to alternative therapies. Reishi mushroom […]

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Cancer Pain Treatment

Many drugs in the treatment of cancer pain treatment method can be applied to surgery are available. Treatment, the type and severity of pain, and risk factors contained in the treatment varies from patient to patient according to individual preferences. The main drugs used for cancer pain in opioid-derived analgesics.However, these drugs are at risk […]

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Natural Remedies to Cure Cancer

Cancer is one such disease that people are normally scared of. The general idea about cancer is that it is not curable and premature death is certain. If you practically see, it is not so. There are some treatments available in the market among which natural remedies to cure cancer is gaining tremendous popularity. There […]

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