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Drinking to Cure Cancer?

Sounds great! Sign me up! Whether you have a particular cause you like to support or if you feel better knowing that the ridiculous price you paid for a drink went toward something more than just your buzz, look for these labels next time you make a purchase. Pints for Prostates Pints for Prostates- “Reaching […]

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Cancer and Vitamin D

It has been known for many years of the mood altering effects that a lack of Vitamin D causes in people, many of us are familiar with the ‘Winter Blues” and some suffer more severely with long-term seasonal disorders or depression. However as the data on this vitamin mounts, more and more research projects are […]

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Bone Cancer Survival Rate

The bone cancer survival rate is based on a statistical research conducted amongst thousands of people who are or had experienced bone cancer at a certain stage and the duration to which most of them were able to survive a 5 year period. Basically, a bone cancer survival rate is the percentage of people whose […]

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Stomach Cancer Survival Rates

A stomach cancer survival rate is the percentage of patients who were able to survive 5 years or more after they were diagnosed with the cancer. Most survival percentage reports are based on the cancer stages and the same goes for stomach cancer. Sometimes, a patient gets confused with these cancer survival percentage charts because […]

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Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate

Pancreatic cancer survival rate indicates the number or percentages of people who were able to extend their lives 5 years of more after they were diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. A long time ago, cancer survival rates are measured in a 10 year period but recently statistical reports have lessened their time periods into […]

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Traditional Medicine for Cancer

The causes of cancer in general are classified into two categories. External risk factors come from the environment outside the human body, which include unhealthy habits such as smoking and bad diet. We can easily avoid these causes by adopting a healthier lifestyle such as eating healthy and maintaining regular exercise. On the other hand, […]

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Prevent Cancer By Changing Your Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the many causes of cancer. One of the easiest things you can do to prevent cancer from happening is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can easily find tips and information regarding healthy living on the internet. Here is a list of preventative measures you can take in order to […]

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Fighting Cancer Using Natural Herbs

Cancer has become a global epidemic for decades. More and more people are suffering from this disease every year. Most of them are citizens of developing or under-developed nations. They lack information and knowledge on how dangerous cancer really is, and they also do not have sufficient access to get proper medication. On the other […]

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Linking Genes and Cancer

Human cells are amazing. They grow and multiply to keep our bodies intact and allow us to respond to environmental changes. The fascinating process in cell division includes creating a copy of the DNA, then dividing into two daughter cells. Numerous checks are also made to ensure everything is proceeding correctly and the copies produced […]

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Cell/Cordless Phones and the Link to Malignant Brain Tumours

Until recently, there had been a lack of information about the health risks from cell phones by doctors and scientists in the Unites States and Canada. Dr. Ronald B. Herberman’s recommendation to drastically reduce the use of cell phones, especially with children, has begun to shine a light on the information regarding phone radiation that […]

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