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Fish Oil and the Fight Against Breast Cancer

There is little, if any, guidance for consumers who wish to use supplements to help in disease prevention and treatment especially, when it comes to the fight against cancer and its prevention. Studies have repeatedly found cancer prevention properties in different types of foods and the nutrients that they contain. Several schools of Epidemiology have […]

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Exercise and Preventing Cancer

The Effects of exercise on cancer prevention Since 1950, there has been an overwhelming increase in individuals with cancer. The occurrence of breast cancer and male colon cancer have increased by about 60 percent; testis, prostate and kidney by 100 percent; and other cancers, such as malignant melanoma, multiple myeloma and some lymphomas, by over […]

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3 Killer Diseases You Need To Know About

There was a time when you probably would not have thought twice about being a bit overweight, smoking, drinking and partying into the wee hours. However, the last few decades have seen millions of people the world over die from different kinds of killer diseases. Men and women are more aware that environmental changes and […]

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Treat Cancer Without Surgery and Side Effects

Cancer was considered to be a deadly disease even a couple of years back, but not anymore. Cancer now is perfectly curable and can be cured with the help of various natural therapies. In fact, natural cures are able to treat cancer without any side effects which is a risk involved in other surgical and […]

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Details you ought to Learn about Squamous Cell Carcinoma

The squamous cell carcinoma is a pores and skin cancer you need to be conscious of. There are actually melanoma and carcinoma elevating main issues amongst clinical practitioners all more than. Critical consideration is necessary for preventing the spread of cancer to other parts of the physique. How is the carcinoma truly brought on? The […]

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The Glutathione Cancer Treatment Option Explored

Glutathione is an important antioxidant in the body, and the glutathione cancer connection is well documented. The glutathione structure is essentially a peptide made up of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. In fact, this is the most important antioxidants in the body. The immune system cannot function properly without it, and antioxidants such as vitamin […]

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Learning To Live With A Leukemia Diagnosis

There are numerous symptoms of leukemia which you might notice after being diagnosed. Having said that, many people are not sure if they should be worried if they notice new symptoms. It’s generally recommended that you call your leukemia doctor when you notice things like frequent fevers, night sweats, as well as being tired for […]

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Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

It will be wise to remember that when Breast Cancer descends upon women, it does so with very little or no warning. And what if this is diagnosed during pregnancy— Could there be anything worst? Yet, the facts suggest that this happens ever so often. You have invested so much hope in waiting for the […]

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Breast Cancer: Choose Your Own Cure!

The term “breast cancer” refers to a malignant tumor that has developed from cells within the breast. It does not cause early symptoms but neither is it a mysterious disease that strikes you suddenly. Cancer occurs as a result of abnormal changes in the genes responsible for regulating the growth of cells and keeping them […]

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CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery

The name “CyberKnife” is actually a bit of a misnomer, there are no knives in sight! However, it does allow the ablative treatment of tumours (hence “knife”) to be performed painlessly and effectively without the need for an operation by a robotic (hence “cyber”) linear accelerator (radiotherapy machine) Conventional radiotherapy uses large field sizes and […]

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