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Dietary Habits Help You Prevent Cancer

According to the survey, influenced by multi-factors such as high-fat diet, lack of exercise, smoking, etc, more and more people in modern society begin to suffer from cancer such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and so on. So how to prevent the occurrence of cancer from daily diet? First of all, keep a balanced diet: […]

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6 Ways To Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is considered the most dreaded diseases of women. And if you know the symptoms from an early age, her chances of developing into cancer is much lower than older women. And if the cancer attacks, its nature will be more aggressive, according to Debra Mangino, MD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New […]

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Diet Tips for Cancer Patients

Experts believe that following a well-balanced diet for cancer can be an important part of cancer cure. A well-balanced diet and good nutrition give the body proper raw material and energy needed in this battle against the cancerous cells. Here are some practical and helpful tips that you can use today in your battle against […]

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Healthcare Screenings for Females

Healthcare screenings for women are crucial as illnesses may be diagnosed at an early stage and know-how of such screenings can also cause condition avoidance. Common screenings for females are mammograms and blood pressure checks. Some screenings is often carried out in a doctor’s office when other screenings which require unique equipments are normally accomplished […]

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Bladder Cancer – Health care A to Z

Summary *The bladder is located in the lower abdomen and forms part of the urinary tract. *Most start in the cells lining the bladder. *The most common type is transitional cell cancer, which accounts for 90-95 % of . *It does not tend to run in families, but the cells of certain individuals seem to […]

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Cancer Treatment India

Since last few years, best surgical facilities, latest techniques in the radiotherapy, advanced chemotherapy and bone transplantation units make India best destination for the patients suffering from cancer. There are many hospitals in India which cater especially for the treatment of different kinds of cancer and the same are operated by highly specialized and experienced […]

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Seven Signs of Cancer in Women

There are several types of cancer that are normally found in women, which include breast, cervical, ovarian, vaginal, and colon cancer. As a woman, you need to know the warning signs of each of those diseases to be able to prevent them from occurring. If you experience any of these symptoms and you suspect that […]

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Properties of Grape Juice That Intend To Prevent Cancer

Colour is one of the most important qualities of grapes. The content of vitamins and minerals in fruits are high. Grapes are known for having a high nutritional value and they are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. Juices include a wide variety of process which includes grape pulp, crusher, wine and many others. […]

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Should You Be Screened for Oral Cancer?

How do you know if you have oral cancer? As many as 37,000 Americans may have this disease at this very moment and have no idea about it. Eventually it develops into a hard to ignore lesion on the inside of the mouth or throat which is very painful and discolored, but in the early […]

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Detecting Breast Cancer to Save a Life

When thinking about the people in life that we love the most; that we try hardest to protect and that we’d be lost without, we tend to think of the women in our lives. It is our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, daughters and other special women that we feel the most protective over. Unfortunately, they […]

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