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Treatment ED and antioxidants

As knowledge is power, you can now appreciate why we have spent some time explaining free radicals and the focus on antioxidants. So, what are these antioxidants? Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron “free for all” reaction. The antioxidants themselves don’t become free radicals by giving or […]

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All about cancer (part 2)

Treatment Options for Cancer Surgical removal of the tumour is usually the best treatment option if it is possible. Other options include chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which may be used on their own or in combination. The potential for the use of these treatments depends on many factors, including the type and location of the tumour, […]

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All About Cancer (Part 1)

Length of Exposure Of course the likelihood of developing cancer from a carcinogen increases in relation to the intensity and length of exposure to that carcinogen. For example, someone who continues to eat a diet high in saturated animal fat and low in fresh fruit and vegetables is at higher risk of bowel and prostate […]

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An Exploration of Priorities for Adulthood and the Meaning of Parenthood

Meaning of parenthood Previous research on ‘meaning of parenthood’ has fallen into two categories: undertaken with adults, largely in relation to infertility and new reproductive technologies undertaken with adolescents, largely in relation to prevention of teenage pregnancy. Previous research with adults For the majority of adults there is an expectation and desire to produce children. […]

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Identity, diversity and difference: young people’s experience of fertility difficulties

Understanding ethnicity and diversity South Asian parents’ and young people’s discussions about fertility following bone marrow transplantation in thalassaemia further illustrate the importance of conceptualizing ethnicity within this broader context. Several years after the event, parents and young people often complain that they were not informed about the possible effects on fertility following bone marrow […]

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