Alternative Cancer Cures – The Official Therapies

Science is constantly looking for new solutions to combat this disease of which so much has been studied for many years but still remains relatively unknown in part. It is still unclear what it is that triggers the uncontrolled growth of malignant cells and the mechanisms that allow the cancer to progress despite attempts to stop him. In spite of the efforts of medicine, unfortunately, people still die of cancer.
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Prevention campaigns based on the indication of some risk behaviors (poor diet, smoking, etc…) minimally reduce the chances of getting sick. Some clinical analysis of periodic inspection give the possibility of earlier diagnosis (mammography, PSA), which allow you to discover some forms of cancer at an early stage, with good chances of recovery.

But the incidence is increasing. The causes are probably multiple and still largely unknown.

The official therapies for cancer treatment in recent years are expanding. Surgery, which is undoubtedly the most effective weapon for the most advanced tumors that affect the organs, is joined by several decades, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapies. Surgery has reached a very high standard of quality. Even in the most difficult operations, the percentage of risk is very low.

However, it is good to know that in just 1 cm tumor, there are about 1 billion cancer cells. Following a successful surgery a ‘minimal if any residual remaining 0.1% of cancer cells, it means you still have about 1 million malignant cells that could progress. For this reason it is often performed adjuvant chemotherapy with the hope of being able to eliminate any remaining balance. For some types of cancer, chemotherapy can now get good results, using more active and less toxic drugs. More precisely in some types of leukemias, lymphomas, sarcomas, tumors of the testis and chorion, chemotherapy allows real chance of recovery. In other tumors, chemotherapy can help to significantly increase survival or decrease the symptoms of the disease. However, in most cancers of the organs chemotherapy has very limited effectiveness. The main reason is that not all cancer cells are affected by the action of drugs during the stage of cell division. Those who survive are proving to be increasingly resistant to treatment and aggressive. Consequently, the stabilizations or regressions of the disease during chemotherapy treatment are often not very durable.

The obvious therapeutic range offered by cytotoxic drugs (chemotherapy) and radiation therapies (radiotherapy) for most of the high-grade malignant neoplasms, did expand the efforts of researchers around the world to find different solutions: the study of genes, new vaccines and therapeutic study of stem cells are the challenges for future research.

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