Breast Cancer: Choose Your Own Cure!

The term “breast cancer” refers to a malignant tumor that has developed from cells within the breast. It does not cause early symptoms but neither is it a mysterious disease that strikes you suddenly.

Cancer occurs as a result of abnormal changes in the genes responsible for regulating the growth of cells and keeping them healthy. This could be attributed to genetics, an unhealthy lifestyle or simply the everyday “wear and tear” in life. For a number of reasons any woman above the age of 20 years can fall a victim to this dreaded disease, though the majority of advanced breast cancer cases are found in women over the age of 50.

It is common knowledge that those women who educated themselves about why breast cancer occurs, either avoided it completely or combated it with confidence.

It is estimated that in the US alone 1500 women die of breast cancer every day and over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 8 of all women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Surveys show that more and more women in the US are undergoing a Mammogram or a MRI everyday.

Practitioners of non-conventional medicine (naturopaths and alternate medicine experts) maintain that mammograms do far more harm than good. Eighty percent of the million breast biopsies performed each year in the US are in fact negative, but not detected as such, because of inaccurate mammography. Why, then, does conventional medicine keep recommending mammograms?

In Sweden alone, according to the medical authorities the proportion of false “positive” results was alarmingly high in women under 50 years and this is considered a serious and costly problem. Presumably the better alternate, Breast Thermography, was approved by the FDA in 1982 for breast cancer detection and risk assessment but is seldom talked about these days.

Mammography, like MRI and sonography, looks at anatomical changes of the breast. It may take years for the tumor to grow to a sufficient size to be detectable by either a mammogram or a physical examination. By that time, the tumor may have already spread to the other parts of the body.

Whereas the risk of breast cancer to women over 55 justifies the risk of mammography, most medical experts are of the opinion that the risk of breast cancer for women under 40 years is not high enough to justify the risk of radiation exposure.

The National Cancer Institute has recommended chemotherapy for all breast cancer patients, whether or not they have any visible signs of cancer after surgery. Being unable to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells, this toxic drug ends up killing both. Chemotherapy, with a dubious 3% success rate and horrible side effects, does not cure cancer or extend life beyond 5-7 years with a totally destroyed quality of life.

Radiation therapy, unlike chemotherapy, is considered a local treatment. This means that cancer cells are only killed at the location in the body where the radiation is delivered. If cancer exists outside the targeted field, those cancer cells escape destruction.

So far, the effort to control cancer with conventional medicine has failed to obtain its objectives. We are obviously losing ground with conventional treatment because the death rates keep going up. This is because modern methods are based on the faulty premises that only aggressive and toxic methods can cure the body of cancer.

It is this complete lack of certainty as to the outcome of conventional treatment that virtually pleads for more flexibility in the area of cancer therapy. For obvious reasons, conventional medicine has looked down upon any other forms of medicine that offers cheaper and better treatment but the fact remains that only alternate medicine is known to cure breast cancer with success for close to a century now.

So, forget what you may hear about breast cancer being a death warrant and how you’ll be subjected to the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation— the real cure lies before you.

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