Breast Thermography

Breast cancer originates from the breast tissues. Symptoms of having the disease include having a lump, change in shape and size of the breast or discharge from the nipple. These symptoms are discovered through a self- exam after which one goes for further tests in a hospital. The tests done in the hospital include; breast scans, mammograms or needle biopsy. Through these tests, the doctor is able to confirm whether indeed it is cancer or whether the lump is non-cancerous. Treatment of the disease takes a long time and the treatment usually results in other problems such as hair loss.

Thermography is one of the latest way of detecting breast cancer. It is more effective than mammograms and biopsy. Continuous use of mammogram to detect the disease can also cause the same disease due to radiation exposure. Thermography is safer, faster and painless as compared to all the other methods. This method is also more efficient as it detects the development of a disease way before any other method that is in use today. It uses heat to diagnose the presence of a disease. This is because heat is a sign of inflammation which is usually the earliest possible sign of an illness or disease.

This kind of surgery is a non-invasive procedure as compared to needle biopsy. In addition, this procedure is ninety-nine percent accurate in determining the type of tumor you have. It also reduces the likelihood of getting false positives or negatives. Another advantage of using this method is that, it is done without any contact being made with the breast. Regular use of this method to detect breast cancer will provide you with the earliest signs of a tumor developing. It measures the heat patterns in the body and then the information is analyzed for any abnormalities. These abnormalities in the data collected are usually a sign of diseases in the body.

Thermography is very cost-effective as compared to other types of diagnoses. It can be used by all women regardless of their age. It is also effective in diagnosing other diseases such as dental problems, headaches, sinuses, back pain and arthritis. The test should be done at least three months after your last chemotherapy and radiation treatments. You should also allow for some time to elapse after any form of surgery. On the day when you get to do the exam, you should avoid showering and use of lotions. Some edibles are also not allowed just before the exam.

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