Cancer Almost Man Made

One of the latest theories concerning cancer is that it is man made. After careful studies made of Egyptian mummies, professional research teams have reported that out of hundreds of examinations only one case of cancer was found to exist. When compared to the fact that one out of every four deaths in today’s world is said to be the result of some form of cancer, this leads us to wonder why the amazing difference. What are we doing in today’s world that our long ago ancestors did not do? Or perhaps we should also ask what did they do in their time that we are not doing today?

Since there are different forms of cancer, we should think carefully about the differences between those early times and our modern times in more than one category.

For instance, what about pollution? In today’s world, we pollute the air with our automobiles, lawn mowers and other forms of fuel operated machinery. We might want to consider the fact that these earlier ancestors used a much different form of transportation, one that was fueled by food stuffs and whose excretion or “pollution” if you will could be recycled naturally.

There is also the matter of food. In today’s world we often use various forms of sprays on our gardens in order to protect our vegetables, fruits, berries, grains etc from insects and animals that would claim them from us. In those earlier days, these particular methods were not available.

We also use man made preservatives in our foods. In those earlier days whatever preservatives were used were natural one and natural ways of preservation.

We also might want to consider what these early ancestors included in their diets and compare them with what we tend to eat on a regular basis in today’s world. We do know that they didn’t have what we refer to as fast food joints. This isn’t to say that cancer is necessarily a by product of McDonald’s or BurgerKing, but perhaps we should give careful thought to just how much of what we term “junk food” we are consuming daily.

What about other forms of life style? Did these early ancestors get more exercise than we do in today’s world? Do we perhaps take advantage of our modern conveniences to allow us not to find it necessary to get a certain amount of exercise just to be able to survive? Perhaps today’s world tends to produce more couch potato’s than it does those of the vegetable variety.

I’m not saying that we should go back and live as these early ancestors did, but perhaps we should examine the differences and perhaps do something to, as the old song says, eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive.

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