Choose a Breast Cancer Treatment Option

In recent years, cancer treatment options have expanded to include several new therapies and remedies. They bring new hope to patients because they offer ways to attack unique mixes of cells that are unique to each individual cancer. It is important to understand which of the following options is most appropriate in order to increase the chances of a full recovery.

· Surgery. The first line of attack, this option comes in the form of a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. The former is removal of the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue and conserves the rest of the breast. The latter is the removal of all the breast tissue and is only necessary if the cancer is in its late stages and cancerous cells are wide-spread throughout the breast.

· Chemotherapy. Using medicine to shrink or kill cancerous cells, chemo affects the entire body as it goes through the bloodstream. Usually, these medicines are given in combination as a regimen. Individual cancers react differently to chemotherapy treatments so it is important to closely monitor progress and work together with a doctor to find the most appropriate regimen.

· Radiation. Mostly used after surgery, radiation therapy destroys cancer cells that stick around after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. It can be delivered externally through a beam of radiation from a machine while the patient is lying down. Internal radiation is another treatment that is being studied, which delivers radiation over the course of a week through small tubes that are implanted in the breast.

· Hormonal therapy. Post-surgical breast cancer can be treated with medicine that reduces the amount of estrogen the body produces and eventually slows and stops the growth of cancerous cells. This is obviously the least intrusive, but is only effective in early-stage cancer. There are several types of this kind of medicine, and the personality and severity of the cancer will determine which one is most effective.

Breast cancer is complicated and can leave the person who is diagnosed feeling very uncertain. Learn as much possible about the cancer itself so the treatment options make more sense. The more the patient knows about her situation, the more involved she can become in her treatment process. The Internet is the first place to research possible breast cancer treatment options and their side effects. Gather as much knowledge as possible before, during, and after cancer treatment in order to learn what is going on inside the body and ultimately increase the chance of a successful recovery.

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