Cyberknife Treatment for Meningioma

There are many kinds of tumors and you would not want to have any of them. However, it would be better if you are knowledgeable about them. One of the most common tumors is the meningioma. It is one of the most common tumors in the area of the central nervous system. The tumor usually originates from the arachnoids cells which can be found on the meninges, the membranes that envelop the central nervous system. There are three grades of a meningioma namely: benign, atypical and anaplastic or malignant. The meningiomas are usually benign. The only problem is that they have a great tendency to be malignant.

Various studies about tumors said that the people who had radiation on their scalp are prone to meningiomas. Some symptoms of a meningioma are focal seizures. Focal seizures are not always caused by a meningioma. However, it is one of the evident signs of a meningioma.

A meningioma may also occur in the parasagittal front parietal region which may cause convulsing weakness and inconsistence in the legs. Meningiomas may also affect the motor and sensory balance. Usually, the affected body part or sensory organ depends on the location of the meningioma.

To diagnose a meningioma, the following are used: computed tomography scan and magnetic resonance imaging scan. With the CT scan, you will undergo several x-rays. Your brain will have x-rays from different angles. It will then be examined on a cross sectional method. The doctor can then locate a meningioma. He can also identify its size. With the MRI scan, a tunnel like magnetic facility will be used. The images of your brain will be taken using a magnetic field.

The benign meningioma should constantly be observed to monitor its malignant tendencies. However, cancer experts do not advise a simple observation is the tumor starts to present some of the above mentioned symptoms. Surgical resection is normally used before. It promises a permanent cure to a meningioma. With a grade 1 meningioma, the surgical resection will include a complete removal of the underlying bone and associated dura. Radiation therapy is also frequently used to treat a meningioma. It may involve a photo beam treatment or a fractionated beam radiation. This treatment is best for grade 1 or benign meningiomas. The chemotherapy is also one of the most common resorts. However, chemotherapy does not have high success rates. However, a new and more convenient meningioma treatment has been out in the market in 2008.

A non-invasive treatment for a meningioma is called the Cyberknife treatment. The Cyberknife treatment for meningioma is the best option since it is not invasive and it is non-surgical. The patient would not feel pain even if an anesthesia is not used. There is also no bleeding. In fact, there is no scalpel that will be used. The Cyberknife treatment for meningioma is non-invasive, much different from the old treatments and cures for tumors like meningioma.

The first Cyberknife treatment for meningioma can be found in Colorado. Their website,, is available for people who are suffering from meningioma and other kinds of tumor. The Cyberknife treatment for meningioma facility that you can find at Colorado was from the Accuray Incorporated, one of the leaders in radio surgery.

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