Does Environmental Pollution Cause Cancer?

People have accepted cancer as part of life. If you are someone that has accepted it and called it chance that you either get it or you don’t then I have something to share with you. Cancer is not something that takes you by chance; it takes you because your body is weak and in that weakened state is where it has the opportunity to inhabit your body, spreading all over and killing you slowly. There are many people in the medical profession that have been working nonstop on finding the cure. Is there a cure for Cancer? Yes there is, and it is not what you think.

The only cure for any disease and illness is your body, that’s it. Your body has the ability to cure anything that comes along, all you need to do is provide it with the right tools and you can overcome anything. There is no doctor and no drug that can cure, once you have an understanding of this you can get on the road to healing yourself. Beginning with understanding of where the disease comes from can help you find the right tools to aid your body in its healing.

Environmental pollution is becoming a real big problem; we are making our world sick and all its inhabitants sick along with it. Most diseases and illnesses start with a polluted body that gets weak overtime, slipping into an acidic state where diseases like cancer can live and spread. An alkaline state is having your body high in oxygen where cancer cannot survive; it needs an acidic body to inhabit. So how can you balance your body to make it an alkaline state? It is simple, by eliminating the pollutions inside your body.

Simply detoxifying the body can be the right tool to help you overcome many different types of diseases. You have to get rid of the garbage from your house on a daily basis and you also have to take out the garbage from your body on a daily basis. Detoxifying is good, but to work great it needs to be done daily, not weekly or monthly. The reason for this is if you did it once a month, as soon as you take a breath your toxic again. How about one detoxification a week, same thing, the second you take a breath you are toxic again, not to mention what is in our food and water supply.

We are fed these environmental pollutions daily, so they must be removed daily. They are everywhere and in everything, even in childhood play toys that your children play with daily. It’s unavoidable because of how widespread it is and it is becoming worse and worse. The battle to clean up our world is ultimately failing; we are finding it to be true as disease is increasing on every continent.

Since the problem outside your body cannot be fixed, we must look within and see the real problem then do something to fix that problem. The battle with disease must be fought from the inside out. The battle is you against the toxins and pollutants that inhabit your body helping to create a sustainable atmosphere for cancer and a whole host of other diseases. There is no running away from this problem because it will hunt you down. We must fight back or die trying!

I am here to tell you that environmental pollution causes cancer and is inside each and everyone us right now. It is up to you to decide if you’re worth fighting for, I believe that you are and you are not alone in this fight. Working together we can defeat diseases like cancer before it starts. Prevention is the best way to avoid disease but once you have it, wouldn’t you like to know there is a right tool for your body to help you defeat it? I sure would and every day I am so grateful that I have this unbelievable method in my life.

My family uses this method daily and it has changed their lives so much. Does your life need some changing health wise? I believe that chance is in the hands of us all and chance has led you here to find a path that could lead you too exactly where you want to go, all you have to do is take the first steps in getting on that path and let us help you uncover the rest. It is in your power to heal; all your body needs is just a helping hand. Let us walk the path of healing and change together.

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