How to Triumph Over Cancer

For a person who is struggling with cancer and is hoping a solution can be found that will offer them a future, there is an answer to their problem. In the past there have been treatments with gene therapy which is injecting a virus directly into the tumour site. Also experiments with drugs based on isolated substances found in nature. Then there’s been stem cells which are unique cells found in the bone marrow and is still under research today and lastly trying to stimulate the bodies own defence system which is the immune system with a vaccine to help it recognise foreign cancer cells.

While all these therapies have been tried in the past, none of them have had the results they hoped for. To understand why these therapies haven’t worked you need to understand what the disease of cancer really is and the reasons why they won’t work. Cancer is simply a deficiency disease and the only way to completely cure the problem is to address the deficiency which is the root cause. The root cause of course is why the cancer first grew.

Unfortunately for us our orthodox medical system which is a monopoly based system has little competition and because of this, is a money orientated system so treatments for health problems are in place because they return a profit. Profit plays a huge role in all western medicine and because nature cannot be patented; there is no profit in conducting studies on natural remedies for cancer.

In the past there have been other deficiency diseases such as scurvy, rickets, pellagra and pernicious anaemia and there isn’t a drug to cure those problems. You have to address the deficiency which will rectify the problem. Same with cancer, you must address the reasons why it first grew and that will allow the body, through our defence system which is the immune system to strengthen and hunt out and destroy all cancer cells without them returning again.

While our medical system has tried to find ways to enhance the immune system there are only natural ways to strengthen it. We don’t have drugs to boost the immune system, only drugs to suppress it as used with transplant patients to stop rejection.

Extensive research published in the last decade alone proves that what you eat can have a profound effect on both your protection against cancer and also overcoming the disease. I know people don’t what to change the food they eat; they just want to take a pill. That’s fine for some medical problems but it doesn’t work with cancer.

The answer to the problem of cancer is to make changes to the 7 necessities of life and they are; fresh air, clean water, a little sunshine, some exercise, adequate rest, the consumption of our natural food which is a diet of fresh food and hopefully a happy heart. That is, sorting out any stress related problems one may have. This therapy will create an environment within the body where cancer cells cannot survive.

A genuine cure for cancer has to come from within the body and not from someone applying a chemical treatment from outside the body. You cannot heal cancer with a poison or by just cutting it out. It’s only going to re-grow again because you haven’t addressed the cause; you’ve only addressed the symptom.

The most efficient healer we have is a correctly functioning immune system and our medical system cannot match the astonishing healing powers of natural living.

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