Is Wart Vaccination Against Cancer A Reality?

Warts have plagued humans for centuries. In fact, warts are often seen in stories and fairytales as being a sickness of ugly and horrible people. It’s not surprising really if you consider how horrible they can look when you let them get out of control. But these days the problem can be solved. How is this possible?

Medical science has once again come to the rescue. Clever researchers started by isolating the cause of warts. They pinpointed a virus as the cause, which was a bit of a surprise. But this is a slow growing virus that sets to work after entering your system. It produces fleshy little growths on your skin that can turn into ugly cauliflower like growths if they are not treated.

Wart treatments over the years have been mostly conventional. Various liquid medicines have been applied to warts – some worked and some did not. But this was slow and painstaking work. Similarly, the surgical methods were only moderately successful. These were methods like burning them off, also known as electrocautery, or freezing them off, also known as cryotherapy.

Then came laser therapy which had some success also. But the problem has always been that you can only get rid of the warts that you can see with the naked eye – and that’s only half of them! Many tiny microscopic warts are already present on the skin but you can’t see them yet. This presented a major problem to doctors all over the world.

To complicate matters, it was also recently discovered that cervical cancer in women is indirectly caused by the same virus that causes genital warts. It is called the Human Papilloma Virus. And scientists discovered that there are quite a few different strains of the virus around. Two of these strains cause genital warts and two others cause cervical cancer.

Faced with this dilemma the scientists set to work. In the past few years the breakthrough came when they discovered a vaccine for the HPV virus. This means that you can now be vaccinated against HPV at a young age. Currently girls as young as 12 years old are being vaccinated already. This is to prevent them from getting the viral infection before they are even exposed to it.

A dual action vaccine has now been developed that prevents both strains of the virus. This means you can be protected against genital warts as well as cervical cancer in later life. So it’s become a no brainer really. Every young girl aged twelve or older should be given the three course vaccination to protect her against both these nasty diseases. Prevention is better than cure as they say in the classics!

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