Lung Cancer Symptoms

The Lung Cancer often gets undetected for a long time before the patient starts to feel any symptoms in about one out of four cases. However the accidental discovery during other routine tests is often the way for finding it out many a time such as the chest X-rays. These symptoms start to be visible only after the primary and metastatic symptoms are matured. The internal working of lungs gets disturbed, at this stage as result the hormones, blood work and physical energy levels go way down.
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It is known that the smokers are high risk group for this disease. The list of main lung symptoms can be seen below.

• New cough, blood in cough, chest pains, and breathing problems
• Persistent cough, energy drains; prolong feeling of dull pain in upper body.
• Wheezing, respiratory infection, and inflammation

The secondary or meta-static lung cancer signs depend upon the size and location of it. While the secondary lung cancer counts for more than 70 percent, it can be found close to the lungs like adrenal glands, bones or even in the brain.

The meta-static bone cancer is result of small cell type, and results in the feeling of excruciating pain in bones especially the backbone, and ribs. It can persist to even giving the person seizures.

The effect of cancer is quite profound to the eye sight as well. Similarly the patients suffering from Paraneoplastic cancer can often feel the invasion o chemicals that can cause the clubbing of finger and build up of extra tissues in hands and fingers. The bone cancer can manifest itself in shape of the new bone formation in arms also.

The third stage of cancer can see, many of these symptoms at quite high levels
• Sever Anemia
• Low sodium levels
• Brain degeneration
• Fatigue
• Problem in motor functions
• Weight loss

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