Radiation Oncologists Provide Expert Treatment For Cancer Patients

Radiation oncologists are specialized doctors who work with cancer patients who are receiving radiation treatments. These highly skilled professionals oversee the patient’s care, which includes developing a treatment plan and prescribing radiation treatments. They also make sure that the radiation treatments are applied accurately, adjust treatments and monitor patient’s progress. As they work closely with other oncologists and doctors, they help to identify any side effects that occur from this form of treatment as well as provide proper medications for side effects. These specialized physicians are experts in the field of radiation and the treating of disease. After extensive study and training on the safety of this field as well as safe application for the treatment of cancer, these physicians will have completed 13 years of extensive training to become board certified.

This form of treatment has been used for hundreds of years to treat cancer. After the discovery of the x-ray and its effects on this type of disease, it has gained popularity in being an effective choice of treatment for certain types of cancers. Today, many people have success with this form of therapy and experience few side effects. It has also been proven to be less traumatic on normal tissue, allowing the preservation and function of healthy cells.

With the advancements in modern technology and the highly trained physicians who work with this field of medicine, more than half of the people who suffer from cancer will be treated with high-energy radiation. This form of therapy uses computerized treatment plans combined with three-dimensional imaging and x-ray machines that are highly energized. The physician may use this therapy to treat the disease or to relieve pain.

This form of therapy is effective as it stops cancer cells from reproducing and allows the body to naturally eliminate the cells from the body. This therapy may be used along with chemotherapy or used alone. Cancer of the larynx and the prostate are often treated solely with radiation. Sometimes this therapy is used along with surgery to allow more body tissue to be saved, preventing complete removal of the affected body part, such as the bladder or breast. Therapy can include external generation or internal generation.

To find a radiation oncologist, most patients are referred to these specialized doctors by their oncologist. To ensure that the doctor is the best available, asking the medical staff who work at the oncologist’s office such as the oncology nurses, who they would recommend, will usually lead the patient to the doctor who is the most experienced and has the best success rate in this field.

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