Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rates

When one is diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, it is widely viewed as an incurable disease. If diagnosed with the said disease at its final phase, the survival chances are close to none. The early stages of cancer are considered the most critical due to the improvements in radiation therapy and surgical procedures. These improvements in medical technology have enhanced the removal and cure of many patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

Stage 4 cancer of the breast remains to be one of the most depressing dampers in one’s life upon diagnosis. Though this have been a sad story for most people in the previous years, the chances of cure for a stage 4 cancer of the breast has vastly improved than the preceding years. This is due to the researches and new techniques that are now being used to improve one’s mortality rate.

In the entire world today, cancer of the breast has become the second most common cancer following skin cancer among women of any age group. When one is diagnosed with this type of cancer at its final stage, the malignant tumor has started to spread beyond the tissues and lymph nodes of the breast and have started to affect other tissues or systems of the body including the brain, lungs, livers and at times the skin as well.

The process when the malignant cancer cells have started to spread among the different systems of the body is called metastasis, when this happens breast cancer survival rates tend to drop exponentially.

In accordance to the researches made by the National Institute of Health, the five-year survival rate of one with stage 4 cancer of the breast ranges from 18 to 20 percent chance of survival. Treatment for one with this type of cancer may focus on managing the pain and symptoms or something that will allow the patient to live as long as possible.

In a report conducted and written in the “Journal of Clinical Oncology,” it greatly shows improvements when it comes to stage 4 breast cancer survival rates. These improvements are greatly attributed in the various improvements in surgical or therapy procedures given to the patients in order to deal with curing their ailment.

Women in today’s modern age have a lot of misconceptions about cancer of the breast due to the numbers or statistics that only a chosen few have survived and been cured of the said ailment. These numbers are not something to be afraid of but rather, should be the focal point into being self – aware of the symptoms of breast cancer. We have to remember that cancer of the breast can easily be cured or healed in the earliest stages, which is why early detection is fundamental.

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