Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a very painful and a serious type of cancer that develops in the human body. Bone cancer mostly develops in long bones. Some bone cancers can weaken the structure of the long bones. Experts are of the opinion that most bone cancer patients do not notice any symptoms. This cancer is malignant and is more likely to develop in adolescents and children, than in adults. It is better if this cancer is identified at an early stage. This will help in the recovery of the patient. There are many symptoms of bone cancer.

Given below are some of them:

1. One can feel pain in the bone, where cancer is developed.
2. The area where cancer has developed becomes swollen and is tender to touch.
3. The bones become very weak and this leads to fractures.
4. Excessive tiredness and fatigue, even though proper rest is taken.
5. One can experience weight loss without any efforts.

The symptoms differ in different individuals. One should not neglect these symptoms. The doctor’s advice should be sought immediately.

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There are many other symptoms as well:

1. The first warning sign is the general pain, which stems from a bone. Bones like arms and legs are usually affected by this cancer. Cancer can grow easily in these areas. Thus, there are more chances of this cancer being developed in younger people.
2. Sometimes abnormal amount of pain is caused in the bones. This is one of the most common symptoms of bone cancer. Hence it is a great idea to get that checked.
3. Sometimes there is a visible lump that is stemmed from bones. This is mainly because cancer has developed in that bone. The lump itself is a tumor. Hence a lot of pain is caused by these large tumors and this shows that the growth of cancer is rapid. It is very important to consult an oncologist for treating the aggressive cancer.
4. Another common symptom is the weakness of bones. One cannot discover the bone cancer, until the bone breaks. The integrity and the strength of the bones is weakened because the bones are very likely to break. One can also contract Osteoporosis which is a very common weak bone disease. This condition is sometimes mistaken as cancer.

Thus the development of these symptoms is very slow and it depends on the size of tumor, size and location.

Thus, the most obvious symptoms of bone cancer are:

1. Swelling of joints and bones.
2. Painful joints and bones.
3. Problems with movement
4. Susceptibility to fractures.

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