The Perfect Tool to Overcome Cancer

If you were going to remove a Phillips head screw with a flat-head screwdriver, what are your chances you could get it out? How about removing a bolt with a pair of pliers? Again, what is the chance you could remove it with that tool? I would say the percentage of these tools actually working is pretty low, and I would have to say the same thing about conventional cancer treatments that the medical field uses on people every day. The percentage of the chemotherapy tool working on your cancer and defeating it is about 7% right now. To me this means that this tool to defeat cancer is not the right tool because of how low the percentage of it working actually is, in fact this number makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

If only 7% of people with cancer are defeating their cancer, that means that 93% of the people who went through this same treatment did not survive. That shows me that we are not using the right tools to defeat this disease and there are other treatments out there. A lot of people are now turning to alternative methods to find a better tool to help them overcome their disease. Natural methods are really starting to catch people’s attention because natural methods are having greater results than 7%. I read a study done by a Dr. Cousens who took 65 level 4 cancer patients all sent home to die, with nothing that could be done to save them. An expiration date was stamped on their forehead. He used a method that is not well known yet but what happened was staggering, out of these 65 patients 51 or 78% of them experienced complete remissions! That sounds so much better than 7% doesn’t it?

This was done with a method that has zero side effects and is so simple that most people can’t believe that it works. Does this sound too good to be true? I am here to tell you that it isn’t, it has worked for so many people and it could very well work for you. The thing is, is that this method does one thing and one thing only, it removes things from the body that don’t belong there, things that could be causing your disease in the first place. So, what I’m saying is if you’re looking for a cure, you’re wearing it right now and that cure is your body. There is no doctor and no drug that can cure any disease, the cure for disease is your body’s ability to heal on its own. Our bodies are amazing creations and with the right tools they can overcome any disease or illness.

So, do you see that there are right tools for the job and wrong tools for the job? I don’t know about you but things are easier if you have the right tools. What you can see from conventional methods is it takes a long time to see results and by the time you realize it isn’t taking care of what you want, it’s too late to try to find a new tool. Do yourself a big favor and learn more about this amazing discovery and give your body the tools it deserves to overcome disease. You owe it to yourself to learn more because right now at this very moment you have stumbled upon something so remarkable that it will sound too good to be true. With what I have seen this do and what it has done for my family and many others how could you not see that this is a gift. This gift will help you or those you love become whole and balanced again. What are you waiting for; let’s fight the good fight together!

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