Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

Endocrine cancer comes in many forms and Thyroid cancer is probably the most popular of them. When the cancer cells grow at an uncontrollable rate, they cause thyroid cancer. These may begin at the thyroid gland themselves or from other tumor parts that eventually turned into a malignant tumor.

As is the case with most types of cancer, the symptoms observed in one person may not be the same in another. Generally, it has been observed that in the early cases, there is a bleak chance of any symptoms showing themselves. If the symptoms are prominent, then it is pretty likely that the cancer is in the advanced stages.

If we categorize, there are around four types:

Papillary – Extremely common. People who report having a radiation in their heads and necks are most prone to this kind of thyroid cancer.
Follicular – Older patients are more prone to this kind. It starts its way from the follicular cells and slowly develops.
Medullary – There is prominent growth of tumors on the 2 lobes of the thyroid gland. Gradually, it makes its way to lymph nodes.
Anaplastic – Most aggressive and extremely rare. The cause of this has been diagnosed to be genetic mutation.

If we care to look at the symptoms, we may find:

* There is noticeable pain all around the region of the neck.
* There is noticeable pain around the region of the throat.
* Some patients have difficulty in breathing.
* Others have also reported difficulty in swallowing.
* There is swollenness around the lymph nodes.
* There is a change in the voice of a person.
* Has difficulty speaking.
* Some get a painless neck lump. This is present very close to the Adam’s apple.

There are a lot of treatments that can be performed for treating this particular type of cancer.

Surgery is the first option. Doctors will try and remove all of the cancer cells that they can find around your neck and throat region. They also work on the lymph nodes, checking for cancerous cells. In most cases, the surgery is successful. There are every few complications, if any.

Apart from the option of surgery, there are many other alternative options that can be used. These are radiation, chemotherapy, radioactive iodine etc.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, so an early diagnosis is the best cure.

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