What Are Nitric Oxide Erections for Men?

Nitric oxide results in the relaxation of the blood vessels, the regeneration of the inner lining of the arteries and prevents the clumping of platelets which then results in the blood being thinner. Nitric oxide is used in the treatment of different cardiovascular diseases such as clotting and the narrowing of the arteries. Some cases of erectile dysfunction results from a cardiovascular issue. In these instances nitric oxide not only helps in the treatment of these diseases but it consequently treats the erectile dysfunction that is a symptom of the disease. Impotence or erectile dysfunction, in some cases happens when the blood vessels in the penis are unable to dilate sufficiently and enable enough blood to flow through the penis and enable the engorgement that results in the erection. Because the blood vessels in the penis are relaxed they are able to accommodate more blood flow, resulting in a nitric oxide erection.

Nitric oxide is available as a supplement that men can take. These supplements contain arginine. This is an amino acid that facilitates the production in the body. Unfortunately, with such supplements the results do not last for long and they also require high dosages. For men who want more than what an erection can use herbal supplements that can help with their erectile dysfunction problems. This includes Ginseng. Nitric oxide has to be present in the body for any man to be able to get and maintain an erection. Unfortunately, men who are experiencing impotence and erectile dysfunction are suffering from this problem because the levels in the body decrease as one gets older.

As previously mentioned, nitric oxide is naturally produced in the body. It is a combination of an oxygen atom and arginine. It is produced in the endothelial cell membranes and then is transferred to the muscle tissue of the blood vessels. Here vasodilatation occurs. This is simply the process whereby the blood vessels in the penis are relaxed and so grow in size. This then enables the penis to accommodate more blood flow. Erectile dysfunction is often a sign of a cardiovascular issue if there is insufficient blood flow to the penis. This often happens when there is a lot of plaque in the arteries. The growth of plaque in the arteries is often a consequence of decreased production, which is something that naturally happens in men as they grow older.

There are pills that one can get in order to increase the levels in the body temporarily. Such pills include Viagra in Canada and Cialis. These pills are only available through a prescription through a doctor. These drugs increase the levels in the body for a few hours. Unfortunately, drugs such as these do not help in the long-term improvement in the production in the body. For this reason these drugs should only be used for the purposes of sexual intercourse and must be taken right before to ensure an erection.

Fortunately, there are some natural ways in which men can increase the levels of nitric oxide in their bodies. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to do so. This exercise has to increase the heart rate. Other than exercise men should reduce their cholesterol levels, they should also stop smoking if they are smokers. Basically, a good lifestyle and healthy diet will delay the decline of nitric oxide in the body. Prevention is better than cure in this case as the male enhancement drugs can be very costly. And also, irresponsible use of these supplements will result in to severe side effects. If used excessively it may also result in to a permanent damage to the male organ.

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